This publication, which serves as a useful reference guide for all kinds of users, is intended mainly for researchers, businessmen, economic decision-makers, etc., and aims to put at their disposal a range of indicators and useful information on African economies so as to facilitate and harmonize intr-African trade.

The present work, the first edition of which met with much interest among many users, gathers together and synthetizes a body of information relating, in addition to the Adresses and the Contact Points to the Surface Area, Populations Gross Domestic Product, Working Hours, Official Holidays, Travelling Formalities, Mineral and Agricultual Ressources, Foreign Trade, Infrastructures, etc. and coming from different national as well as international statistical sources.

Finally, the present edition, which provides the most recent information, is intended to be more detailed than the previous one, being concerned whith new socio-economic indicators such as the Population Growth Rate, the GDP Structure, the Trade Balance, and more encompassing since it includes three new African States, namely: South Africa, Eritrea and Namibia.

Publications of AATPO: ” BASIC INFORMATION ON AFRICA” of 147 pages.