Commercial exchanges. Morocco the first Arab customer of Algeria

According to the Algerian National Centre for Customs statistics (CNIS), trade between Algeria and the Arab countries, which exceeded the $ 5.41 billion in 2012, have resulted in a trade surplus of nearly $ 968 million dollars for Algiers.

According to the CNIS, Morocco is the first Arab client Algeria, since it absorbs $ 1.07 billion of Algeria’s foreign sales, followed by Tunisia with $ 1 billion, Egypt (876, 51 million), Iraq (78.32 million dollars) and Mauritania (61.07 million dollars).

As for key suppliers, first place went to Saudi Arabia, which sent to Algeria in 2012 goods worth nearly 467.2 million dollars, followed by Tunisia (407 750 000 of dollars), Egypt (380.56 million dollars), Morocco (281.77 million dollars), and finally the United Arab Emirates with 259.57 million dollars.

Algeria exports to Arab countries including food, energy and lubricants, rolled products, tires, bottles and bottles, flasks and similar articles. The main products imported by Algeria in these countries are drugs, light oils, the son of copper, iron bars, electrical conductors.

Inter-Arab trade represented only 10% on average of the total trade of Arab countries over the past five years.