One of the most important factors in the promotion of Intra-African trade is the development of a regular flow of pertinent, up to date trade information between trading partners of the Continent.

It is for this reason that the Association of African Trade Promotion Organizations has compiled the present Directory, in accordance with the Work Program adopted during the Third Ordinary Session of the General Assembly and in conformity with its Constitution which stipulates, inter alia, that the Association’s primary objective is to foster contact and the regular flow of trade information among countries in order to promote Intra-African trade:

The present documents is a revised and updated edition of the DIRECTORY OF TRADE INFORMATION SOURCES IN AFRICA previously published by AATPO and gives the addresses of the following institutions in each country;

  • Ministry of Commerce
  • Department of External Trade
  • Customs Department
  • Statistics Department
  • Central Bank
  • Principal Chamber of Commerce and/or Federation of Chambers of Commerce
  • Export Promotion Centre
  • Trade Fair Organizations

Publications of AATPO: the second edition of “DIRECTORY OF TRADE INFORMATION SOURCES IN AFRICA” 71 Pages