Governing Board


Paragraph 3 of Title VII of the Constitution of the AATPO states that “The General Assembly shall elect from among its members who are Ministers of Trade, a President, two Vice-Chairpersons and a Rapporteur, who together form the Office of the General Assembly and direct all the activities of the AATPO during two consecutive years. “

Geographical Distribution

These four items that constitute the Bureau are generally allocated on a geographical basis, to ensure representation from each of the four sub-regions which group members AATPO States, namely the Central, Eastern, Northern and West Africa.

In this context the four sub-regions include the following Member States:

Central Africa – 4 Member States are:

Burundi, 2.Cameroun, 3. Congo, 4. Gabon

Eastern Africa – 4 Member States:

Somalia 2. Uganda 3. Zambia 4. Kenya

North Africa – five Member States:

Algeria, 2. Egypt 3.Libye, 4.Maroc, 5.Soudan

The West Africa – five member states:

Burkina Faso, 2. Ghana 3. Liberia, 4. Mali, 5. Nigeria